Whitehill Gala Day 1985.

On Saturday the 15th of June 1985 the residents of Whitehill put on their annual Gala Day Event. They put the event on with style and everyone came out and showed some great community spirit.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.1

The Gala Queen was Sharon McGuire, who was a pupil at St. Paul’s Primary School and she was the star attraction of the day in her robes and finery and she was surrounded by her maids-of-honour and couriers.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.2

In this year nearly, every child joined in the sense of occasion, dressing up as everything from clowns to cowboys and even as Dalmatians.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.3


Other characters appearing on the streets of Whitehill during the Gala Procession included wanderers from the land of Oz (Complete with Wizard) But all agreed that on the day Whitehill was definitely the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For everyone in the area, both young and old, It was a Gala Day to remember.

Did you attend the Whitehill Gala Day of 1985? If you did, then we would like to hear from you. Please send us your pictures and stories of the day. And if you see any familiar faces, then please remember to tag them.




Hamilton’s BMX biking craze was raised to the level of a sport on the morning of Saturday the 4th May 1985 when the district council opened the towns very first BMX course for stunt and racing bikes.

The course was officially opened by Murray Tremble who was the chairman of the council leisure and recreation committee. The track was built at the Bent recreational grounds and on the day a specially organised event was put on to mark the occasion.


The event was organised and sponsored by Hamilton round table and on the day four local primary schools and two secondary schools took part, with Woodhead Primary emerging victors following a handicap playoff against the secondary winners, Holy cross High.

The victorious Woodhead team consisted of primary 6 & 7 pupils who were, Alex Crawford, Colin Main, Gorgon Cotter, Alan Taylor & Derek Boslem.


The round table handed over a trophy to the winners plus a £50 cheque for the school which has decided to donate half of the money to Yorkhill Hospital. The individual team members were also given book tokens.

The councils accident prevention committee handed out badges to all taking part and individual trophies for the different race section winners.

So in 1985, the Hamilton town council were keen to start a fully-fledged BMX club to ensure that the track was properly kept and properly used. Mr George Ralton who owned the Raleigh Cycle shop at 6 Avon Street offered to form a BMX club.

Were you at the opening of the brand-new BMX course on Saturday the 4th of May 1985? If you were, then we would love to hear from you. If you see any familiar faces in the pictures, then please tag and share.


Raskals and Zigfields nightclubs (Blantyre)

Raskals Blantyre WM.

Hamilton has always been known to have some decent nightlife, but in the 1980s Blantyre also had some decent clubs.

You had a choice of Raskals or Barnums & Zigfields which were just next door to each other.

What are your memories of Raskals and Zigfields nightclubs?

Zigfields WM.


Accies & Whitehill Pipeband.

Hamilton honoured their champions in May 1986 when the district council held a civic reception and dinner to mark Hamilton Accies achievement in winning the Scottish first division title.
Accies Fan..JPG
Accies players and officials paraded the trophy through the streets from Douglas Park to the Town Hall, where a crowd of over 1000 people were waiting to greet them. The provost of the time Sam Casserly spoke of the club’s achievement, as did Ian Gellalty, president of the Scottish League.
The trophy was then displayed to the crowd from the Town hall Balcony before the players and other guests went inside to dinner. After the dinner, Mr Casserly passed on the district councils congratulations to the club and he presented the chairman Jan Stepek with an inscribed Silver Salver.
Hamilton’s Labour MP George Robertson also spoke and commented: “After six years of opposition it’s lovely to be on the winning side!” George Robertson added “The success of Hamilton Accies is a success for the whole community of Hamilton. This will do much for the reputation and image of the area.”
Accies Bus..JPG
Accies manager John Lambie and managing director David Morrison thanked the council on behalf of the club.
Jan Stepek, Accied cup win..JPG
Mr Stepek then presented a mirror bearing the Club Crest to the Council. A highlight of the afternoon was a recording of two songs written by supporters Dave Marshall and Jim Irons to honour the club’s performance.
Accies Crowd..JPG
Did you attend the parade in May 1986? If you did, then let us know or even better, Share your pictures.