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Well, another year has passed and I’m sure that you all will agree that it has been a quick one. As you get older the weeks, months and years seem to fly by and 2017 has been a good year for Historic Hamilton.

We have seen over 1,000 new readers like our page and our website is now live. We have reunited many old friends and even put family members back in contact with each other. I am especially proud that we are reaching out to countries all over the world and some of our most viewed stories are read in Canada, Australia, USA and not to mention the many countries across Europe.

We would like to say thanks to everyone who has sent us your pictures and stories over the past 12 months and not to mention our two resident poets Hugh and Kit, they both take us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with their words. I would also like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to Historic Hamilton in the past 12 months, there are too many to mention but people like Paul Veverka and Wilma Bolton, you both have given me great advice and as always, it’s really appreciated.

When we post a story, we enjoy reading through all your comments, the old stories of Hamilton are locked in your memory and when a picture triggers that memory you share it with us and we document it.

So, as I write the last post on Historic Hamilton for 2017, I would like to wish all our readers a Happy & prosperous New Year and here is to 2018. Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book, Write a good one!

Garry & Emma McCallum
Historic Hamilton.

The Historic Hamilton Collection.

St. Johns 1941 Mary Wood

Hi Folks, I want to share something with you all. From time to time my readers send me things for safe keeping. I have been sent pictures, books, maps and family keepsakes.

I am usually sent these things as people don’t know what to do with them and they don’t want their belongings to be put in the bin or lost.

In September this year, Mary Wood was kind enough to give me some old magazines and flyers that she had kept since she was a young girl. Mary also sent me an old family document that had been passed down to her, which I believe, once belonged to her mum.

St. Johns 1941 Mary Wood1

This document was an exam paper from St. Johns and it is a real snapshot in time which it is dated 19th of November 1941. The girl at the time who sat the exam was called Agnes Paterson who was a 1st-year pupil at the school. It appears that Agnes Paterson was a very bright wee girl, as she got good marks.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic piece of Hamilton’s History which I have now digitised and I have it safely filed away for safe keeping. Everything that I have in my Hamilton collection will one day either be donated to the museum or the Hamilton Reference library.

St. Johns 1941 Mary Wood2

If you have an old Hamilton object or document that you would like to be preserved and you don’t know what to do with it, then I am happy to collect it and keep it safe. If you have any old papers, then I would also like to digitise it and keep it at Historic Hamilton. In turn, this is keeping our history documented for future generations of people to read, or for people in other countries who want to read up on our history.

St. Johns 1941 Mary Wood3

Mary, thanks again for your donation and I will be researching the history of the wee girl called Agnes Paterson, who sat this exam on the 19th of November 1941.

Tall, Dark, n’ Handsome???.

Tall, Dark, n’ Handsome???.
Written for Historic Hamilton By Hugh Hainey.
A wish a wis in Hamilton wae ye’s awe tae celebrate this Hogmany”
A wish we could awe join hawns, n’ sing the wee songs of yesterday,,
A wish a could hear the piper play “Auld Lang Syne” just wance more,,
A wish a wis there tae see awe the schemes, come oot their front door,,,
A wish a could be somedaes first foot,fur a change, mibby “”Carol Boyd,,
A wish a wis Tall, Dark, n’ Handsome,, so thit she’ll no be too “annoyed,,,
A wish a could visit “Kit Frank Duddy’s hoose, tae look it his “poetry files,,
A wish a could look through his wee tablet box, n’ git sumthin fur ma piles,
A wish a wis it that bonfire in “Carnwath, singin songs fae days gone by,,
A wish a could but a cannie, cause a know “Garry” wid make me the guy,,
A wish fur Janet, Elizabeth, Betty, Wilma, n’ Elsie.all things that are good,,,
A wish fur each and everyone of them a happy n’ a magical “Seniorhood”
A wish awe the places that wur shut wae the cooncil, wur still open noo,,,
A wish but thir gone now,, except in the memories of people like me n’ you,
A wish a could meet up wae ma auld pals, though some ur dead n’ gone,,,,
A wish “Awrra Best” tae them still here, n’ the ithers, memories linger on,,,
A wish, n’ A wish, bit always wishin’ thit ma wishes wid somehow come true,
A wish thit most of all “2018,,, will bring the very best to everyone of you,,,,,,

First Foot
Picture courtesy of Visit Scotland.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.

The Eddlewood Gala Day June 1985. On Saturday the 8th of June, the people of Eddlewood enjoyed their Gala Day.

Although the weather was a bit disappointing it did not dampen the spirits of the hundreds of people who gathered at Hollandbush Park. The Gala Queen was Andrea McSkimming and her maids of honour were Andrea Shepherd and Jane McGowan.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.1

The Rutherglen Pipe band were in attendance as were the Chapelhall Majorettes. There was also a gymnastic display and a wide selection of stalls, which all added to a happy Gala atmosphere.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.2

To round off the 1985 Eddlewood Gala Day many people also attended the dance at the Eddlewood hall that same night.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.3

Can you see any familiar faces in the pictures? Please feel free to tag anyone that you know. Did you attend the Eddlewood Gala Day in 1985? Tell us about your day, or even better, send us your pictures.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.4


Alex Fotheringham 1985WM.

In 1985 Alex Fotheringham was making news instead of selling it. He was elected, president of the Scottish Council of the national federation of retail newsagents.
In 1985 Mr Fotheringham’s family had owned the newsagent’s shop at 20 Annsfield Road for more than 50 years.
His new post put him in charge of an organisation which represented the interests of 3,000 Newsagent members throughout Scotland.
Mr Fotheringham who was 50 at the time said that his wife Ellen, along with his three grown-up children, Anne, Andrew & Ellenor would be helping out in the shop during his presidential time with the organisation.
What are your memories of Alex Fotheringham’s Newsagents on Annsfield Road?

Udston Primary 1985.

Udston Primary 1985

Udston Primary 1985 featuring ‘Squeak’ the easter Chick. Squeak was born following a Farm animal project from the kids in Room 5 & 6.

The children took turns to monitor the egg which was being kept in an incubator, supplied by Earnock High School. After watching it for many days the egg cracked and out popped Squeak!

Some of the kids in the picture are Karenn Scott who was the first person to see the egg move, Scott McEwan who was one of the youngest pupils on the project.

Can you name the rest of the kids in the photo? Let us know.

Councillors, Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, Clash on Burnbank Main Street.

Burnbank - Senga Dallas 1985WM.

Burnbank in March 1985 saw two councillors clash in the Main Street.

The Councilors squared up to each other in public, however, the opening of a giant outdoor draughts board was a happy occasion indeed.

The 16ft by 16ft draughts board was created by Hamilton district council and manpower services commissions workers as part of the landscaping project in the Centre of Burnbank.

Watched by the local residents of Burnbank, councillors Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, who originated the idea, got the first outdoor game underway.

It was hoped that the older residents of Burnbank would use the board during the summer months. Thus enabling them to enjoy one of their favourite pastimes in the fresh air. The cost of the project was £1,500.

Do you remember the outdoor draughts, board? Of even better can you put a name to any of the people in the picture? Let us know.

The Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

The Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

3 – Course Business Lunch for only £2. With business lunches also available at ‘Pinkies’. Why in 1985 go anywhere else in Hamilton?

The Hamilton Town Hotel will bring back many memories for a lot of people. I can remember when this was called O’Neill’s in the late 90s.

What are your memories of the Town Hotel & Pinkies?

Ted Rogers Visits Hamilton 1985.

Ted Rodgers Cadzow Street 1985.

“3-2-1” was the countdown to the reopening of a Hamilton store in January 1985. It was opened by Ted Rogers. Ted left his old pal Dusty Bin behind in the studios for the re-opening of the Cadzow Street Branch of Cavendish Woodhouse.

Cavendish Woodhouse was a house furnishing chain. The Champagne ceremony included a prize draw for the customers plus a chance for them to chat with Ted.

This picture for me is a real snapshot in time as you can clearly see the old Impulse Records in the background.

Can you name any of the other people who are in the picture? If you can, then please let us know.