Councillors, Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, Clash on Burnbank Main Street.

Burnbank - Senga Dallas 1985WM.

Burnbank in March 1985 saw two councillors clash in the Main Street.

The Councilors squared up to each other in public, however, the opening of a giant outdoor draughts board was a happy occasion indeed.

The 16ft by 16ft draughts board was created by Hamilton district council and manpower services commissions workers as part of the landscaping project in the Centre of Burnbank.

Watched by the local residents of Burnbank, councillors Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, who originated the idea, got the first outdoor game underway.

It was hoped that the older residents of Burnbank would use the board during the summer months. Thus enabling them to enjoy one of their favourite pastimes in the fresh air. The cost of the project was £1,500.

Do you remember the outdoor draughts, board? Of even better can you put a name to any of the people in the picture? Let us know.

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