When searching through the Hamilton Advertiser archives I come across things that make me laugh, maybe I shouldn’t laugh as it was a serious enough matter to be reported on the front page on the 6th of January 1978, but as soon as I started to read the story a mental picture popped up in my head and it made me think that I have seen this happen on a sketch in Rab C Nisbet.
In 1978 this story made the front page but in today’s world, it would be printed in a small column three or four pages into the Hammy Ad.
As the incident happened quite recently (39 years ago), I will change the names of the people involved. So here is the story that made the front-page news on the first edition of the Hamilton Advertiser in January 1978.
An angry husband caught his wife and another man locked in a” Passionate embrace” behind a building.
He aimed a blow with his ‘Carry Out’ bag at the man but missed and hit his wife, gashing her head. The tale of the New Year’s Day incident was recounted at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Tuesday when Patrick (43) of St. Giles Park in Hamilton was fined £30.
He admitted assaulting his wife Bridget by hitting her with a bag containing a bottle of whiskey and a can of beer.
Patrick and his wife had been visiting friends at St. Giles Way but left after an argument started. On the way down the stairs of the close the couple continued to argue, then Bridget went back to the house.
She later returned to her husband and was hit on the head with the bag. She needed four stitches in a cut on the side of her head. Solicitor John Bryan said the accused had given different a different version of what happened.
“Two months ago, his wife had an association with another man of which Patrick was suspicious,” said Mr Bryan.
This man was at the house they were visiting on New Year’s Day. At the rear of the house he was visiting he found his wife and this other man in a Fairley passionate embrace.
So that is how the story went in January 1978, it is unclear if the couple stayed together, but the daemon drink can turn the nicest person into a nasty one and as it happened so recently, I will close this story here.

Don’t be Naff,,,,

Don’t be naff,,,,
Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey,

D’ye mind the auld Hamilton Advertizer buildin’ doon in Campbell street?
Well, across the road thir wis a tattoo parlour, a thought thit it wis neat,,
Ma pals wur goadin me intae gittin wan, cause they awe hid wan ur two,
Bit, I’ll tell ye boy a wid never hiv done it if a knew then whit a know noo,,
A went in tae hiv a swatch’ n’ saw smashing drawins’ awe ower the place,
Thir wis a wee guy wae bottle glesses n’ tattoos oan his arms n’ his face,
He said, take a wee look through them books n’ tell is whit wan thit ye like,
“A hert wae mother? Superman? A Snake? ur a naked wummin oan a byke,,,
A big decision fur a boy o’ fourteen, aweright, that wan of the pirate a says,,
God ma erm wis goupin’ n’ a wis sweatin whin a looked through the haze,,
Whits that!! “a parrot” a said “a pirate ya numpty” where’s ma buccaneers,,,
A bet ye awe know exactly whit he said aye, “oan the side o’ yir buccanhead,,,,
A couple of days later ma erm swelled up, a dirty needle gave is a infection,,
Hairmyers, fur anither needle, bit a hid tae drope ma pants fur an injection,,,
So be wary, n’ tell awe yir kids n’ grandkids, no tae git a tattoo cause thir naff,,
Tell thim tae buy a Bazooka” n’ git wannnie them wans ye kin jist wash aff,,

(Bloody parrot)


Neil Connery comes to Town 1979.

Neil Connery WM

In 1979 Actor Neil Connery, brother of Sean visited Hamilton to open the fete at the Hamilton South Church. Gathered were a group of young boys who were keen to see Neil’s skills with the Wee Arras.

Are you one of the boys in the picture? Or do you know who they are? Let us know!

Picture courtesy of Paul Veverka.