New years eve, (awe naw)

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New years eve, (awe naw)
By Hugh Hainey.

A mind the night a missed bein wae ma family in ma wee hoose it “Hogmany”
A went tae the toon tae meet up wie ma pals, bit a wis oot awe night and day,,
A went tae the “Dolphin bar” wae the Gallaghers, the Watsons, n’ the Mc Lears,
A never laughed so much in awe ma life, the patter wis like music tae ma ears,,
Hughie n’ Jolly Gallagher, playin the bones n’ singin, the drink gawn tae ma head,,
Winker, Eddie, Joe, Matt, n’ me, so pished, thit Winkers maw put is awe intae bed,,
We wur awe aboot fifteen ur sixteen it the time n’ next day we awe absolutely stunk,,
,Winkers wee brither James pished the bed, n’ guess who wis in the bottom bunk,,,
Hame the next day tae the face the music, n ‘ma wee maw wis gawn aff hur heed,,,
Ye know whit maws ur like, ” awe son where ye been? we awe thought ye wur deed,,
A remember that time is clear is day,, bit a also remember whit ma Maw hid tae say,,,
Nae matter where ye ur, ur, where ye stay, always git hame fur the bells, it “Hogmany”
Ye know a love tae spin these we tales fur ye ‘s awe n’ try ma best tae make thim true,,,
Bit ye see me a never done anythin like this afore n’ ma wee memories ur doon tae you,,
A try tae tell aboot ma time up in “Hamilton” wae humour, bit sometimes a just cannit,,,
Bit wan thing a dae know, “Hamiltonians” ur somae the best people oan this ” Planet”

(Awrra Best whin it comes,,,)

Auld Hamilton

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Auld Hamilton,
By Kit Duddy.

Aye it’s chinged ye ken
fae in ma day, never be
the same. Streets huv
gone withoot a song an
naebuddies tae blame.

The hert o’ auld Hamilton
has chinget ower the years,
a remember ma ain wee
granny saen the same an
fu o’fears.

Yit still they hivnae kilt it,an
staunin up will be, a chinget
face o’Hamilton in the year

So here’s tae yir future an the
kids the world you’ll gie, yir
blessed an safe and hearty
an fur aw that chinge,
ye still ur Free!

Happy New Year
when it comes.


Don’t be Naff,,,,

Don’t be naff,,,,
Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey,

D’ye mind the auld Hamilton Advertizer buildin’ doon in Campbell street?
Well, across the road thir wis a tattoo parlour, a thought thit it wis neat,,
Ma pals wur goadin me intae gittin wan, cause they awe hid wan ur two,
Bit, I’ll tell ye boy a wid never hiv done it if a knew then whit a know noo,,
A went in tae hiv a swatch’ n’ saw smashing drawins’ awe ower the place,
Thir wis a wee guy wae bottle glesses n’ tattoos oan his arms n’ his face,
He said, take a wee look through them books n’ tell is whit wan thit ye like,
“A hert wae mother? Superman? A Snake? ur a naked wummin oan a byke,,,
A big decision fur a boy o’ fourteen, aweright, that wan of the pirate a says,,
God ma erm wis goupin’ n’ a wis sweatin whin a looked through the haze,,
Whits that!! “a parrot” a said “a pirate ya numpty” where’s ma buccaneers,,,
A bet ye awe know exactly whit he said aye, “oan the side o’ yir buccanhead,,,,
A couple of days later ma erm swelled up, a dirty needle gave is a infection,,
Hairmyers, fur anither needle, bit a hid tae drope ma pants fur an injection,,,
So be wary, n’ tell awe yir kids n’ grandkids, no tae git a tattoo cause thir naff,,
Tell thim tae buy a Bazooka” n’ git wannnie them wans ye kin jist wash aff,,

(Bloody parrot)


Earnock Raws..

There were times when Hamilton’s treatment of there own
was not always the best this poems tries to talk to that from my memories.
Earnock Raws
Aye Earnock Raws jist stie awa
don’t go doon thair tae plae at fitba.
Ye ken it’s ruff bit thae dinnae know
it’s noa a plaice whaur ye shud go.
Thi hing ower the railins an shoutin
thir washin aye wis luks loupin.
Thirs mony a durty wee face thair
his nivir seen baths up thae stairs.
Bit thi Raws had thi same as any street
some wir thi best o’ folk yi cud meet.
The Raws an Jungle an ower Whitehill
the folks wi cash gave us luks tha wud kill.
In fur joabs or jist in tae borrow
yir address wid mak thair brow furrow.
Thaed hum an thaed haw sayn naethin at awe
faces screwed up as at jumpers thae claw.
Sum hae gone an moved tae new plaices
livin aside thae auld screwed up faces.
Disnae matter ataw it’s a hoose or a haw
wir aw part o’ thi same Human Races.
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Kit Duddy.