2166 (Hamilton) Sqn Air Training Corps circa 1966


2166 (Hamilton) Sqn Air Training Corps circa 1966 Taken outside HQ at Hamilton Barracks on the Bothwell Road.

John Taylor sent us this picture from the Hamilton Barracks and he told us:

“Now I am struggling after 50 years! I remember the officers.

In the centre is Sqn Ldr Smeaton. On his right is Flying Officer Whiteford, and on his left are Pilot Officers Sandy Bruce and Sandy Colvin.

I am in the back row second in from the right. On the left in the first row of cadets is Tam Semple and in the middle row third from the left is Lindsey Adair. Am afraid I am struggling with the rest!

The aircraft was delivered to the Hamilton Barracks on a low loader and was a permanent feature at the Sqn HQ as a gate guardian.

At the time the Hamilton Barracks was such a large area we were fortunate to get this old Gloster Javelin as our gate guardian.”

Do you know any of the lads in this picture? If you do then let us know.

2 thoughts on “2166 (Hamilton) Sqn Air Training Corps circa 1966”

  1. The ATC cadet in the cockpit is me John Gibson from Hillhouse. First row far right with glasses is Stewart Cox from Hillhouse. First row third in from right with glasses is Davy Johnstone (his Mum and Dad had the fruit and vegetable shop on Low Waters Road). Second row of cadets far left is Willie Wright from Blantyre. Seated in front row second from the left is Civilian Instructor Jim Senior and front row seated far right is Civilian Instructor Doug Bennett. John Taylor got the officers right. Tommy Semple was from the jungle and I don’t remember where Lindsay Adair was from. I remember a lot of the other faces but unfortunately not the names. It has been 52 years.


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