Whitehill Gala Day 1985.

On Saturday the 15th of June 1985 the residents of Whitehill put on their annual Gala Day Event. They put the event on with style and everyone came out and showed some great community spirit.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.1

The Gala Queen was Sharon McGuire, who was a pupil at St. Paul’s Primary School and she was the star attraction of the day in her robes and finery and she was surrounded by her maids-of-honour and couriers.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.2

In this year nearly, every child joined in the sense of occasion, dressing up as everything from clowns to cowboys and even as Dalmatians.

Whitehill Gala Day 1985.3


Other characters appearing on the streets of Whitehill during the Gala Procession included wanderers from the land of Oz (Complete with Wizard) But all agreed that on the day Whitehill was definitely the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For everyone in the area, both young and old, It was a Gala Day to remember.

Did you attend the Whitehill Gala Day of 1985? If you did, then we would like to hear from you. Please send us your pictures and stories of the day. And if you see any familiar faces, then please remember to tag them.



In one way or another, whether being directly or indirectly involved, most of us have been affected by war. For me, I would like to keep the memory alive of two people in my family who were killed in action.

Michael McNamee WM.

The first person who was killed in action was my second great uncle who was called Michael McNamee. Michael was born at 35 Church Street to parents Thomas McNamee & Jane Adams and after leaving school he worked as a coal miner at Ferniegair Colliery.

Michael enlisted in the army on the 7th of June 1915 and was part of the 17th Battalion with the Royal Scots. He was 19 years and 11 months when he joined.

He was not a large boy, being only five foot four inches tall, and he weighed 98 pounds. Michael spent around three years in the army and he was based in France when he was killed.

His division was engaged in the battle of Ypres when he died of wounds on the 19th of October 1918 at No 2 Canadian Casualty Clearance Station. During Michael’s Army Service he had been awarded the Military Medal.


My second family member who was tragically killed was my mother’s cousin, Robert McNamee Thompson, who was killed in action during the troubles in Northern Ireland. Robert was a Whitehill man and a father and husband.

Robert enjoyed his time in the army and his regiment was the Royal Highland Fusiliers and his life was brought to a devastating end when on the 27th of July 1980, he was on patrol at Moy Bridge, Maughnahan Road, Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone and was killed by a remote-control Bomb. Robert was only 26 years old.
Today there are still former soldiers who either served in the army or survived war. You will see them out in the shopping centres and standing in the rain collecting money and handing out Poppy’s.

James Poulton.123

One of these men is called James Poulton who served in the Army and never misses collecting money for Remembrance Day. You will find James standing in the doorway at Morrisons superstore over in Whitehill.

Remember to stop by and donate what you can, and wear your poppy with pride, to remember the men who fought and died, not only in both World Wars but in every other war that happened after.

Did you have an ancestor or family member who was killed in action? Send us their picture and we will add it to our ‘Hamilton Folk’ Album and have your picture proudly displayed on Historic Hamilton which is viewed all over the world.

Abbottsford Road 1988

James Poulton.

James Poulton sent us a picture from 1988 which was taken at Abbotsford Road in Whitehill.

In the picture, we have left to right Jaqueline Stevens, Stuart Poulton, Margaret Poulton. Donna Stevens, Edward Ducy. & James Poulton and the dog’s name was Toby.

Do you have a 1980’s picture that you would like to share? 
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YTS 1986


YTS in 1986.
In 1986, These group of teenagers from Whitehill appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser.
They were members of the Youth Training Scheme and they built a new play and training area outside the Whitehill Sports Barn.
This scheme was designed and organised by the Hamilton district council leisure and recreation department.
A competition was held among the teenagers to come up with a colour scheme for the equipment and it was won by 17-year-old Steven Robertson who was from Hillhouse. Steven is the boy in the front with the white coat on.
Pictured with the YTS team are the district councillor of 1986 Isaac McKillop, Linda Kerr of the Whitehill tenant’s association & David Brown of the Whitehill Community Council.
Were you one of the YTS people in the picture? Let us know.

Remembering the men of Hamilton, killed in service after WW1 & WW2.

I took a walk over to the public park at Bothwell Road on Thursday, to get a picture of the war memorial and unknown to me, there is also a memorial dedicated to the men of Hamilton, who have been killed in recent times.

Robert Thompson..jpg

One of the plaques on the memorial was dedicated to Robert Thompson, who was killed while on patrol in Northen Ireland. Robert was a Whitehill man and he was the son of Robert Thompson SNR and Nettie McNamee.

As mentioned, Robert’s life was brought to a devastating end when on the 27th of July 1980, he was on patrol at Moy Bridge, Maughnahan Road, Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone and was killed by a Remote Control Bomb. Robert was only 26 years old and was survived by both his parents.

Robert Thompson2.jpg

I would like to put a face to the name on the plaque at the Bothwell Park memorial. Below is a picture of Robert Thompson, taken from my own family collection of photographs.


The Prefabs of Whitehill.


This picture probably dates form the 1950s and it shows the small prefabs that were erected after the second world war.

The factory in the background looks like it could be from the old Brick works, however I am not 100% sure of this. If I am correct then the area where the prefabs were located could now be Abbotsford Road. What’s your thoughts on this?