Hamilton’s Sons and Daughters .

Hamilton’s Sons and Daughters

Written for Historic Hamilton by Kit Duddy.

Hamilton’s sons and daughters
settled within it’s nest, take stock
of what surrounds you this is your
lifelong test.

Milestones are carved, deep in
your subconscious there, but monuments to your past will
die while you sit upon
your chair.

Progress is always marching
sometimes it’s not in step,
demolishing our buildings
which in truth we should
have kept.

One way streets are like merry
go rounds when our planners
have their day, I’m sure it’s
just their children designed
it while at play.

If we are to lose our history
then why can’t the world be
told, this is Hamilton Town
our new buildings must be

Changes are our future as
they were in times gone bye,
why can’t we have a Hamilton
whose beauty makes you sigh.

Kit Duddy.


“Is it a book ye want”
A see yir’ on aboot writin a book, well that’s mighty task,
The informations at yir’ fingertips, if no ye jist hiv tae ask.

Jist look aroon’ the places that yir’ postin’ aboot every day,
Go on meet the people, write a book, tae them that’s child’s play.

Ask aboot their thoughts n’ fears, they’ll sharp talk off yir’ ears,
They’ll tell ye things ye won’t believe, stuff that’s bin telt fur years.

Go out n’ have a fun day oot in Hamilton, Burnbank and Blantir’,
You’ll hiv loads of things tae write aboot, if ye listen tae the banter.

Jist look at their faces, suss their age, then thir era ye can gage,
See ye cannae ask a young un’ aboot whit happend in another age.

The best news is from the source, ask if true, they’ll say of cource,
Yil git loads that’ll talk awe day,n’ tell ye porkies till they’re hoarse’.

Remember people ye talk tae, take some wae a wee pinch of salt,
They’ll say they worked on the titanic, if ye buy them a single malt.

But seriously, these great people, who live n’ work all these places,
They’ve got histories to be told, the truth is in all of thir faces.

Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Haney 16/10/2015.


Hurrah for Historic Hamilton, and yir’ stories aboot oor histories’
I love the way ye dig them up, then solve awe them wee mysteries,
The story aboot the break in n’ the dissapearng chicken,
If ye could talk tae the wan that done it, he’d say it wis finger lickin”
Yir’ pages n’ posts are magic, aboot the people n’ awe the places,
It’s great the way ye suss them oot, n’ put names tae thir’ faces,,

For awe the great folk in Hamilton Blanti’r and Burnbank,
For all you’re hard work, you’re the one we’d like to thank,

The story aboot regent centre, n’ the wee man wae the monkey,
I sure remember tha wee guy, ye see noo am turnin’ a hamilton junkie,

I log on you’re page n’ when iv’e looked, that’s it completely hooked,,
Some of the stories people send are so far out you could write a book,
Whit’s this aboot the Polis’ pinchin paint worth very little money,
But the story wis he didnae git done,, is’nt that a wee bit funny,,

I realy love the stories aboot the real people, the auld fashioned folk,
I like the way you put them across, n’ sometimes wrap them with a joke,,
Yir’ always informitive, and always precice, some are nasty, but most are nice,,
So keep goin for awe us oldies, and new new followers yet to come,,
If the proofs in the pudding’. You’re page is the Plum””.

Written by Hugh Hainey 13/10/15