“Is it a book ye want”
A see yir’ on aboot writin a book, well that’s mighty task,
The informations at yir’ fingertips, if no ye jist hiv tae ask.

Jist look aroon’ the places that yir’ postin’ aboot every day,
Go on meet the people, write a book, tae them that’s child’s play.

Ask aboot their thoughts n’ fears, they’ll sharp talk off yir’ ears,
They’ll tell ye things ye won’t believe, stuff that’s bin telt fur years.

Go out n’ have a fun day oot in Hamilton, Burnbank and Blantir’,
You’ll hiv loads of things tae write aboot, if ye listen tae the banter.

Jist look at their faces, suss their age, then thir era ye can gage,
See ye cannae ask a young un’ aboot whit happend in another age.

The best news is from the source, ask if true, they’ll say of cource,
Yil git loads that’ll talk awe day,n’ tell ye porkies till they’re hoarse’.

Remember people ye talk tae, take some wae a wee pinch of salt,
They’ll say they worked on the titanic, if ye buy them a single malt.

But seriously, these great people, who live n’ work all these places,
They’ve got histories to be told, the truth is in all of thir faces.

Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Haney 16/10/2015.

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