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Today we heard the news that SLC has sold the first 5 floors of its council headquarters to the Link housing association. The office floor space will be converted into Bedsits and to maximise the profit they will be converting the fire escape stairs into communal showers & toilets with the toilets on the left-hand side and the showers on the right. They won’t be installing baths as it will be take up too much space.

The Boss of SLC Eddie McAvoy told Historic Hamilton that he was planning to turn the roof area of the county buildings into a communal drying green and 5 a side football pitch with astroturf included.

Link housing has also applied for planning permission for one-half of the outdoor fountain to be used as a communal outdoor pool which will come with a 30p charge to use it.

With the first 5 floors of the SLC headquarters being sold off what does this mean for the rest South Lanarkshire’s tallest building?

Wishing you all a Happy April Fools Day from all at Historic Hamilton.

The county Buildings.



The county Buildings.

The Council Headquarters building, on Almada Street, Hamilton, was built as the Lanark County Buildings in 1963, and designed by Lanark council architect D G Bannerman.

The 16 storey, 165 foot tower is the largest in Hamilton, and is a highly visible landmark across this part of the Clyde Valley. The modernist design was influenced by the United Nations building in New York.

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Glass curtain walls cover the north and south facades, with the narrow east and west sides being blank white walls. At the front of the building is the circular council chamber, and a plaza with water features. It is known by the Hamilton people as the “County Buildings”.


The building today is still Hamilton’s best known landmark and in previous years people have used the fountain at the front to cool down in hot summers and there have also been brave people abseiling down the side of the building to raise money for charity.


I have never been in the county buildings, but maybe someone who works in one of the top offices could get a picture for us all to see the remarkable views over Hamilton.