Beckford Street 1919.

Beckford Street Primary School 1919 Moyra Bass.WM

Moyra Bass from New Zeland sent us this fantastic Picture of Beckford Street.

Moyra told us:

“Sure this school says Beckford St School 1919. My granny Sarah Campbell would have been 10 in this photo, 3rd from bottom far right.”

Do you have an old school picture tthat you would like to share? Please send them to us and we willshare them with everyone around the world.

One thought on “Beckford Street 1919.”

  1. Hi Just wondering if you have any information on Beckford St Maternity hospital? I read a reference to it on your piece about Udson House and would like to know more of its history as my two children were born there in 70 and 73, is it still there? (I don’t live in Hamilton now) what was it before the infectious diseases hostpital?
    Thanks Valerie Simpson

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