Mr Hanna’s Sweetie Shop at Russell Street.

Mr Hannah's Sweet Shop Russell Street Freddie Krukar.


Back in the 1950s through to the 1980s, Mr Hannah owned this little sweetie shop that sat on the corner of Russell Street and High Blantyre Road.

Mr Hannah sold Sweets, Tobacco and other little day-to-day things. He would sit in his shop and he loved his pipe and would often be sitting puffing away when you walked in.

He also owned the pidgeon huts just up the road a bit, some of you may remember that the pigeon huts were built on stilts, as they were built on the hill next to the burn that separates Hamilton & Blantyre.

What are your memories of Mr Hannah’s sweetie shop? Do you have an old picture of a building in Hamilton that is no longer standing? If you do, then please send them to us.

Picture courtesy of Freddie Kruger.

11 thoughts on “Mr Hanna’s Sweetie Shop at Russell Street.”

  1. We used to go in on our way to the Blantyre Public Park or just walk down the back rd from Hillhouse for some sweets and during lunchtimes from John Ogilvie.

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  2. I lived near his shop when I was growing up and often bought sweets and frozen cola blocks there, even though I wasn’t actually allowed to go to Hannah’s (as we called it) because it was across the main road.

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  3. Wow I remember it well, we stayed in the prefabs round the corner and now stay at the tops of Russell Street across from where they shop was. Always went in on way to school plus, I had a standing order Monday to Friday six icing fingers every day never tasted one as good I think it was Dalziel Bakers. He was a lovely man even when the school boys teased him but he was fit for them x

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  4. Mr hannah stays rnd corner from and sadly his wee wife passed away last sat..we had a wee convo not long back about when I stayed in prefab and used to go up for my sweeties

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  5. I stayed on the High Blantyre Road and when sent along to buy some messages I would be given money to buy a cake of Cowan’s Toffee or Penny caramels, occasionally a Mivi.

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  6. I remember when came off the 201 from ek to go to my grans in Kelvin gardens we always went in there my gran lived in Russell Street before moving to Kelvin garden. Was there not a murder in one of the houses on the street beside it must have been in the 60s. My mum and dad lived at 15 Glenlee Street before moving to ek

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    1. Are you thinking of the murder of William Devanney who lived at the corner of Glasgow Road and Russell street, that was in July 1971
      He was my husbands grandfather

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  7. They used to take the coupons you got in magazines and newspapers. 5th. Off soap powder they were one of the few shops who gave you sweets for coupons.

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