Do you know the Marchant family from Hamilton?

We have a request from Raoul Marchant in Australia.

“Hi, I am looking to find my family members.

My father was born and raised in Hamilton, born 26 October 1939. He then immigrated to Australia, where I live with my son. (His grandson).

My father’s name is Raoul Marchant (The same name as me) He is well & still living here in Australia. My father had brothers & sisters and most I believe probably still live in Hamilton.

My father left Scotland when he was 15 years old around 1954 and he lost contact with his family in Hamilton.

Is it possible to put up a post asking to connect with my family if they are interested?”

Can you help Raoul track down his Uncles & Aunties? The family name Marchant is not a widely used one in Hamilton. If you know a family with this surname or if you think that you can help, then please let us know.

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