Jim Bradley

Cheers Lads!

In the picture, we have two old pals Jim Holland & Jim Bradley having a drink at the Splendid Hotel.

They were at the Small Faces Gig which had taken place at the Splendid in 1966.

Did you attend this Gig? If you did let us know!

Picture courtesy of Jim Bradley’s son Nick & his daughter in law, Kimberly Bradley.

2 thoughts on “THE SPLENDID HOTEL”

  1. My mum and dad met at the Splendid Hotel on 11th April 1971. Can anyone share any photos of the building I can share with them. They have very fond memories of meeting their. Thank you.

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  2. Spent many a great night in The Splendid.
    Bar, Lounge, Restaurant..
    Spoiled for choice.
    PS.Jim Bradley was in my class at school..
    Nice to see this photo 👍

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