Ye know fur years ave bin paintin’ a picture, a ‘portrait’ ye may say,,,
A paintin’ thits filled wae vibrant colours, but wae nae black nor grey,,
It’s a panorama’ of ma wee “hame”, with people of a very special kind,,
Bit ye see thirs nae need fur paint nor pallette, it’s a pictur’ in ma mind,,
Lookin oan this “Historic Hamilton” a love it, readin awe yir great posts,,
That’s helped me tae jog ma memory, of the people thit a love the most,,
It’s chocka block’ wae lots of history, and wee memories of days of old,,
When a read the other peoples patter, a jist hiv tae add a bit mair gold,,
In ma mind it’s a vision” of Hamilton, but more so the great people there,
Never have a met anyother race, with passion n’ pride, n’ who realy care,,
I ‘ll say one thing with certainty, this paintin’ won’t be done tae am dead,
I’m sure thirs mair tae come fae all of you, and where a wis born n’ bred,,
( it’s up tae you tae fill in the blanks,, thanks )
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton byHugh Hainey.

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