A telt ye

A telt ye”

A want tae, go back up tae Hillhoose, n’ pinch tumshies it “Montgomery’s ferm”
A want tae, watch the wee wains playin’ games ootside, wae nae fear of herm”
A want tae, go oot wae ma pals again, n’ goin knock on some auld guy’s door”
A want tae, show awe the kids the day, how tae hiv some fun n’ games galore”
A want tae, go oot n’ pinch some apples n’ pears withoot me fawin oot the tree”
A want tae, see awe the young uns’ try new things, before they git is auld is me”
A want tae, be back playin fitba’ wae ma mates, bit noo ad hiv tae be the goalie”
A want tae, go swimmin’ roon’ Hamilton baths, bit wthoot swallyin’ a wee toallie”
A want tae, go up tae the Wellhall cemetery, and put flowers on ma maws grave”
A want tae, jist sit n’ blether’ tae hur, and say thanks fur awe the love she gave””
A want tae, go tae Almada street, n’ tae find coins in the fountain, wid be grand””
A want tae, go intae the “Brandon Cafe,” n’ let the lady once again read ma hand”
A want tae, walk intae Hamilton, and tae see awe the wee shops thrive like before”
A want tae, ye see bit a cannie, cause thir pulled doon, ur thir no there any more”
A want tae, go back tae the “Troc” jist tae hear “Chris McLure” singin please stay”
A want tae, close ma eyes n’ jist remember all the sights n’ sounds of yesterday ”
A want tae, tell everyone from Strathclyde, thit yir great n’ a jist love ye tae bits”
A want tae, tell Historic Hamilton, thit am sorry, if ma wee poems git on yir tits””
A want tae, hear ma wee maws voice shoutin oot” “””A WANT NEVER GITS””

This fantastic poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

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