Yir’ daein well,,

Yir’ daein well,,
Dae ye mind, of Hamilton in the decade, thit wis the greatest of thim all ?
Dae ye mind, ye could go oot it the weekend, relax in jist hiv yirsel a ball ?
Dae ye mind, back in the sixties, the prosperity wis brought tae the place,
Dae ye mind, walkin doon the street, n’ seein’ happy smiles on every face,,
Dae ye mind, Hamilton, Hillhoose, Blanti’r, Burnbank, n’ all of Lanarkshire,,
Dae ye mind, awe the hustle” n’ bustle” the feeling of hearts bin set on fire,,
Dae ye mind, whole families, in work”n’ awe thir heeds held high wae Pride,,
Dae ye mind, seein thim waitin” fur the buses, tae that place “East Kilbride,,
Dae ye mind, awe them new factories, the workplace so neat n’ newly done,,
Dae ye mind, hivin tae sit fur half the day in that new “tax” place Centre one,,
Dae ye mind, of awe the new things, ye bought, ye wir much better off by far,,
Dae ye mind, the first time ye ever seen families could afford a bran’new car,,
Dae ye mind, when yir hoose wis modernised, a bet ye thought, am dain well,,,
Dae ye mind, ye got the phone in, the first time thit it rang, yir maw shit hirsel,,
Dae ye mind, ye could go oot tae the big shops, withoot ye hivin tae tick oan”
Dae ye mind, if ye hid a wee bit money put by, the bank wid offer ye a loan,,,
Dae ye mind, awe the changes made, everywhere, wis lookin nippin clean,,
Dae ye mind, in them days in Hamilton” ye noticed wis the best it’s ever been,,
Dae ye mind, wannie yir biggest dreams, tae buy yir ain wee hoose some way,,
Mind,,Lookin back dae ye sometimes wish,, it wis still like that ? “A BET YE DAE””
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey

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