Kin You?


A kin remember, growin up in Lanarkshire’ the times a wis jist a kid,
A kin remember, awe the things us kids got up tae n’ whit we awe did,
A kin remember, when a wis a wee boy, ma new cowboy suit n’ ma gun,
A kin remember,ma wee sister gittin a doll n’ a pram, oh,we hid some fun,
A kin remember, walkin tae school, nae mams school runs fur any of us,
A kin remember, ye hid tae walk, cos ye see, back then, thir wisnae a bus,
A kin remember, tae make a bit pockit money, a wid go n ‘ pick “itchy coo’s,”
A kin remember, the woman thit bought thim, tossed a coin n’ a wid lose,
A kin remember, in the summer, we’d be oot awe day, jump aboot n’ run,
A kin remember, we’d go fur a walk ur play, n’ throw water ower everone,
A kin remember, n’ whit a memory! ye know a kin even remember “the sun”
A kin remember, gawn on the bus tae go “berry pickin” way up in Crossford,
A kin remember, pickin “goosegogs”n’ raspberries, naw” we wur never bored,
A kin remember, walkin oot tae the “Avonbridge” on the way up tae Fernigair”
A kin remember, it wis sunny on this side, bit it wis “pissin” doon ower there,
A kin remember, under the bridge, we’d go “skinny dippin” jist under the falls,,
A kin remember, we wid awe hawd hawns, n’ jump aff, that took a lot o'(guts)
A kin remember, walkin’ roon the bank, n’ we seen that big swan” it the Palace,,
A kin remember, it used tae keep attackin us, bit we never bore it any mallace,,
A kin remember, in the summer nights thir wis always a massive big “funfair ”
A kin remember, every time thit it came, a wid go doon n’ git a wee job there,,
A kin remember, me gein free rides ur prizes, tae some of the people thit a new,,,
A kin remember, that wonderous” time, ” KIN YOU REMEMBER IT TOO”

The above poem was written for Historic Hugh Hainey.

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