Coal mining deaths in Hamilton.

William Aiton’s Family Tree.

For those of us who’s family have lived in Hamilton for many years will have grandparents, great grandparents and great, great, grandparents who worked in the coal mines of Hamilton.

The coal mine was a very dangerous place to work and many men and boys lost their lives here. One of the many hundreds of men was called William Aiton, he was born in Donegal in Ireland in 1837 to parents Robert Aiton & Rose Barrett. William had come to Hamilton probably to gain employment.

William then met a local Hamilton girl called  Margaret Boyd and they were married  on the 5th December 1856 and they had 7 children. Robert was accidentally killed while at work in the coal mine. He was hit on the head by falling debris from the pit head.

William Aiton Death 1873.jpg

The Aiton’s later became one of Hamilton’s many large families and today there are still descendants of William living in the town. Have you got a story in your family from the coal mines of Hamilton? Good or bad, let us know!

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