This picture is for illustration purposes only and it is unknown if the children are from Hamilton. 
His Grace the Duke of Hamilton’s bounty was distributed to the deserving poor of the town; nearly a thousand people sharing in its benefits.
As we stated last week, eight of the Cadzow Forrest aboriginal cattle were shot, and by Monday these, in addition to six prime fat oxen, supplied by Mr Meikle, flasher, had been dressed and cut up and elaborate arrangements made of the distribution to the 200 recipients who, about one o’clock, armed with the tickets which had been supplied them beforehand, besieged the entrance gates at Castle Street. At that hour the distribution was commenced, and was carried through in a comparatively brief space of time and in a manner most orderly. Towards this result several members of the Burgh Police who were present, contributed in no small degree.
The heads of departments in the office, and others belonging to the ducal establishment, were in attendance, and lent kindly countenances and aid. It should be mentioned that a considerable quantity of meat was sent to rejoice the hearts of the poor people in the Combination Poorhouse. At the distribution each ticket-holder received about 7lbs, and in all 957 cwt. was given away, In addition over 800 loaves were supplied by Mrs Cullen, Messrs Frame, Campbell, Robb, and Gibson, bakers; and the tea and sugar by Messrs Manson & Fletcher, grocers.
Through the various clergy of the town 202 cartloads of coal, of 12 cwt. each, were likewise distributed amongst the poor, whose material comfort has thereby been promoted to an incalculable extent. Ref. Hamilton Advertiser. 5/1/1878. Page 2.
Historic Hamilton would like to thank Wilma Bolton for Transcribing the article and sending in in to us.


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