John 10.27.28 – 42 Low Waters Road

Aln Scullino.
The monument above 42 Low Waters Road. 

Here’s something for a bit of fun! Aln Scullino sent us this picture of a piece of Artwork that has looked down on you for many years! Aln told us:

” I spotted this when out for a walk the other day…. must have been passed it a hundred times and never noticed it before”

One thought on “John 10.27.28 – 42 Low Waters Road”

  1. This property has been owned by my family since the sixties.The original factor/owner were the Pim familyI can still recall his image as a small child.Mr Pim was very religious and anti alcohol.My family also owned n44,the corner shop.The title deeds of n44 prohibits the sale of alcohol.I recall my parents saying the Pim family built the tenements but I cannot say if this is correct.It would explain the wall sculpture.

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