Mid Stonehall Farm 

Mid-Stonehall was a farm house that was situated on the Neilsland Estate,  in the parish of Hamilton and two miles from the Town Centre. It was a two storey building and was classed as a mansion house, it also had Estate Offices.

On the 15th March 1871 the Estate was put up for sale with a price of £35,000 (£3,780,000.00 in today’s money) in 1871 the estate houses & mansion were listed as “Old” but the land offered several beautiful sites for a first class residence.

The land offered a spacious park with studded old and luxuriant trees and the estate commands from a sheltered position and a panoramic view of the lower vale of the Clyde and the scenery beyond. It also boasted of having another view that looked over the Glen.

Mid-Stone had approximately 277 acres with beautiful gardens that lead down to a burn and there were two other neighbouring farms that were called Torhead & High Stonehall.

When Mid-Stonehall was put up for sale the Meikle Earnock station was also mentioned as being a seven-minute walk from the farm, so just like today the local rail network was considered when buying a house.

Today I visited the site of Mid-Stonehall and apart from old stairs and sandstone walls sadly nothing has been left to show what a grand building used to occupy the land.



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