Morgan Street Now & Then!!!

Morgan Street Hamilton, 12th May 1937. 

A snapshot in time, Wilma Bolton sent us a picture of how Morgan Street looked back in the 12th May 1937. Wilma told Historic Hamilton,

My parents Jimmy and Peggy Russell lived in a single end in this close from 1940 until 1947. I remember being in the washhouse with my cousin Eleanor Lang while my mother and her sister Ella Lang were doing the washing.

My aunt Ella lived in Morgan Street. Both of us girls were aged about three at the time. My uncle Guy Lang had a newsagent and barber shop across from the close. We moved from Selkirk Street to the prefabs in Mill Road in 1947.

There are garages where the houses stood but the shop’s across from them are still standing.

Have you got a picture of a close in Hamilton that no longer stands? If you have then we would like to see it. Send it to us on the page or by email

Google Street view of Morgan Street.

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