William Devanney’s Coal yard in Burnbank.

Charles Devanney
William Devanney’s Coal yard in Burnbank.

The picture below was sent to us by Charles Devanney. This was Devanney’s coal yard in Limetree, Burnbank. Charles told us:

“This is one of my Grandfather’s 26 ton Steam Wagon’s, I’m guessing 1950’s maybe the vehicle is parked in his yard in Burnbank across from Limetree garage in the background you can see the Noël Kegg building”

William Devanney’s Coal yard and his house was situated on Glasgow Road Burnbank, the vehicle in the picture is a 26 ton Steam Wagon.

William Devanney originated from Donegal Ireland, he & his wife Cathie McMonigall arrived in 1908 and they started the coal business and had 8 wagons on the road the picture of the Steam wagon was about 1940’s they had 6 sons who all worked in the business. The business was sold around 2005.

The land where the coal yard once stood now has houses built on it.

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