Townhead Street 1997.

Odeon WM1

In this picture, we have Townhead Street and the old Oden cinema and former Park Lane night club. The picture was taken in 1997 and was sent to us by Lucy Mackinnon. If you have an old picture that you would like to share with us, then please send it straight to the page or by Private Message.


The poem below was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

Is it a poem yir lookin fur? Look no further than this site, the poetry is class,,,
Thank god fur Wilma Bolton, Kit Frank Duddy, and of course Elizabeth Glass,,
Well am back so yir stuck wae ma wee rantins’ bit, jist awe of the funny kind,,
A only tell of ma wee memories, “and youres” a hope, bit it’s no a poem mind,,
A kin remember the guys wore suits n’ ties, n’ granda shirts wae plasic collars,
It wis realy magical back then gawn tae ‘Troc’ we awe looked a million dollars,,
Then it wis “Twiggy” style fur the lassies, skirts like a belt, naw! don’t ye snigger,,
Cause a know first hawn aboot the “socks n’ tissue” used tae make things bigger,
Then awe the fashion moved oan it a rapid pace, we wur awe in oor middle teens,
I’ll bet ye a poun tae a penny, thit all of ye sat in the bath tryin tae shrink yir jeans,,
Awe the lassies fashion wis amazin’ bit changed, skirts doon’ in came the middies,
Only now thir wis somethin’ different “the wonder bra” transformed yir ‘cleavage”
See am no that auld thit a cannae remember’ thit we awe dressed with a passion,
Every wan of the lads n’ lassies there, wur awe “dedicated followers of fashion”
Tae this day it’s still awe designer,,bit ma advice is tae ye jist wear whit ye may,
I’ll tell ye boy” yil never beat ” the style thit “Hamiltonians” wore back in the day,,
( they seek him here, they seek him there, )

The Troc Watermarked.

The Troc


The Troc!
“”The Trocadero” Hamilton,the greatest place to go,
Music, dancing, happiness, friends you got to know,
Big band night, for older “kids” run by big Dave Muir!
We loved all the groups, n’the best wee Chris McLure.
You were told about this place, n’went with trepidations,
But once you entered, it fulfilled all of your expectations,
Young men n’women, dressed to kill, realy lookin” great,
Lookin’ around for a while, to go dance you couldn’t wait.
The girls danced together, round handbags on the floor”
The sound of music all around, you couldn’t ask for more,
The lads at the side, keeping watch, “which girl should i ask”
We all had to pick our moment, it was a real daunting task,
The women took no prisoners, a nod, or you seen thier back
When the ‘spotlight’ came on, now that was a different crack,
Lot’s of lovely girls, but the boys were really far outnumbered
A magical night was had by all, and especially if you lumbered””
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton By Hugh Hainey.