Your Local Pub.

Alex Hosie was telling us about all the Burnbank pubs that he drank in. Alex wrote:
“Before clubs were invented, these are the pubs I remember in Burnbank (and I was in every one of them, so yer lucky I can still remember anything!) –
The Golden Feathers
The Club Bar
The Thistle Bar
The Clansman
The Enfield (a door on each street, Glasgow Road and High Blantyre Road)
The Earnock Vaults (the Tap Shop)
The Victoria Bar (Duffy’s)
The Greenfield Bar (Peter Smith’s)
Flannigan’s Bar
The Empire (still there)
The Glenlee (still there)
Hope I’ve not forgotten any in my auld age!”
What was your local pub and tell us your stories of the shenanigans that went on?