STV Disco at the Town hall

STV Kids Party (Jackie Bendoris Hillis..jpg

Jackie Bendoris Hillis sent us a picture of a disco at the Hamilton town hall. The disco was filmed for ITV in the mid 1980s.

Jackie told us:

“I found this old picture from the early 80’s. It’s from a STV disco at the Hamilton Town Hall – I’m right at the front in the STV t-shirt so that’s probably why they gave me the picture.

It can’t have been through school as I can see some people I know who went to different schools (although we are all secondary school age so that might be a clue). I’d love to know who else was in the picture with me x”

Were you at the STV disco or do you know anyone in the picture?
Let us know!


This picture was taken in 1928 and you can notice the changes that the town has gone through in the last 87 Years.
As you can see, there is no M74 at the top of the picture but a road leading up to Motherwell. You can also see the line where the grand avenue of trees lead from the Palace up to the Duke’s hunting lodge at Chatelherault.
Tuphall Road (A) is shown from it’s junction with Quarry Street and Bent Road, with the Gasholder (B) to it’s right. The back of Johnstone Street tenements (C) has Woodside School beyond.
Selkirk Street (D) ran through from Portland Place (E) to cross Tuphall Road. Scott Street (F) and Butterburn Park Street (G) climb, uninterrupted, from Tuphall Road and across Burnblea Street (H).
Low Patrick Street (J) has the old Hippodrome at its foot. Central Station (K) and the former Town Hall are on the Left of the picture.
The fields at the bottom of the picture would be later built on as the construction of much needed council housing got under way.

Arial photograph of Hamilton in 1928.
Arial photograph of Hamilton in 1928.