The Letter,

The Letter,,,

A fell ower it school n’ hurt ma hawn, the wee nurse jist gave is a letter,,,,
It said away ye go hame n’ show yir maw,, n’ am sure she’ll kiss it better,,
Mammy, daddy, mammy, daddy, ave skint ma knee,, greetin’ it the door,,
Ma maw fixed it, bit said awe Hughie yir a big boy noo, yir twinty four,,,
A don’t care, a know am merrit noo, bit I’ll always come here whin a faw,,
Cause awe us boys know, whin yir hurtin’ naebdae, sorts it like yir “”maw,,,
Efter awe these years a never ever forgote aboot that wee nurses letter,,
Bit, maw, whin ye left me it broke ma hert’ n’ naebdae tae kiss it better,,,

(HAPPY mothers day tae all,,,)
Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.