Beckford Street School, Anti-Smoking League.




This fantastic piece of memorabilia was sent to us by Karen Martin. The card was collected by Karen’s dad, who likes to keep Hamilton memorabilia and it dates from Beckford Street School in the year 1907.

The Card reads:


Anti-Smoking league – I promise to abstain entirely from Tobacco in any form till I reach the age of 21 years.
Signed by George Campbell – Class teacher – John F Lang
Malcolm Blair F.E.I.S,, Headmaster. Date: August 1907.”

I asked Karen if there was a story behind this anti-smoking card, however as it was bought by Karen’s Dad, he didn’t know if there was or not!

I can picture the said George Campbell being caught smoking at school and the Headmaster giving him an ultimatum of Ten of his finest strokes, or to keep off the fags until he was 21……I know what option I would have picked!!