James Robert Caird  (Captain) Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

James Robert Caird.

James Robert Caird  (Captain) Kings Own Scottish Borderers – 3rd Battalion- Attached to the 2nd Battalion Highland light infantry.


James applied for a Commission and being a member of the Inns of court officer training corp, was gazetted second Lieutenant in 15th of August 1914 and promoted to Lieutenant on 3rd December 1914.

He was killed in action on the 23rd of April 1915 while leading his platoon over open ground in the advance on St. Julien near Ypres.

Sergeant Hugh McMurchy, in a sworn statement declared, “I saw Lieutenant Caird killed, he was advancing in front of me and was shot through the forehead.” He was killed instantaneously.

James was promoted to captain after his death, as from the 2nd of February 1915. His last letter to his father contained an interesting account of the assault and capture of Hill 60, in which he took part.

James was born on the 4th of November 1892 at Dalhousie, India and he was the son of Major Lindsay Henryson Caird (Late Border Regiment) infantry records office, Hamilton, and his mother was Janet Laura Haunt.

He had been educated at Bedford and Carlisle Grammar Schools. When war broke out James was employed in the office of the Australian Mercantile Land & Finance Co Ltd.