Eyes wide shut,,,

Eyes wide shut,,,

The following poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

Swings n’ roundabouts, witches hats, see saws’ n’ big “shuggie boats,
Weans wur in thir element, rain ur snaw’ n’some hid nae hats ur coats,
Every scheme in Hamilton hid thim, n’ they wur awe very special places,
A only hiv tae shut ma eyes, n’ awe a remember is the happy wee faces,
Naebody tae tell ye thit “ye cannie dae that” come back whin yir aulder,,
Then y’de spread yir wings n’ go up the fifty feet ur swim in the caulder,,
Time came whin ye could jump oan a bus, n’ go further, n’ further away,,
Like the time ye went tae Crossford, Hazelbank, picking yir fruit awe day,,

The time ye wid go tae the baths, ur walk tae the park ower in Whitehill,,
Ur the time ye went tae the fair doon the pailis” mind that wis a big thrill,,
Things wur changin’ fast back then, soon it wis time fur tae leave school,,
It Wis ma time tae shine ur so a thought, tae me it wis the decade of cool,,
A must hiv walked aboot wae ma eyes wide shut, a looked but never seen,
Maybe it wis the excitement of the times, “Hamilton”, the best thit it’s been,,
Am writin’ this wee rant aboot the past, bit ye know a realy feel like a fool,,
Av learnt mair aboot “Hamilton” on here, thin a ever wis learnt it the school,,
Who knows how many great sites ave seen, n’ passed by, on ma merry way,,
Is It me, am a the only wan thit walked past “no lookin” ur did you dae It tae,?
Awe them iconic buildings, thit we’ve awe bin in,wae no even a second glance,
Oh tae go back n’ look again, a wid look wae open eyes, if a only hid a chance,
Thirs bin great stories oan here about wur “charachters” “Garry” you are one,
The best thing wis aboot the “Tolbooth” n’ that great auld bell that ye fun”,,
If any cooncillers ur watchin’ gie’ him the credit, lit him achieve his wee goal
Cause am sure thirs many a Hamiltonian” wid love tae here that big bell toll”

(Historic Hamilton, deserves an award,,)