Meikle Earnock Cottage.


I haven’t been told off for climbing over fences for many years, but this week I was eager to take a picture of an old cottage at Meikle Earnock, and I thought that the land wasn’t owned by anyone, so as I got on top of the fence and only managed to get one leg over the top, I heard a voice from across the road shouting “Oi, Whit dae you think you are doing get Aff that fence!!” As I looked around in total embarrassment there was this man across the road , so I thought I’d better go and explain what I am doing.

Meikle Earnock 1905.jpg

I got chatting to him and explained who I was and what I was doing, and he sort of calmed down after this. His name is Tom Barrie and he is the owner of “The Cottage” at Meikle Earnock, he lives with his mum Elisabeth Across the road at Fairhill Cottage and when I had explained that I run a website called Historic Hamilton, he said that he had never heard of it, but funnily his mum came out at this point, Elizabeth who is in her late eighties and she said, Oh, Is it you that does Historic Hamilton, I  love that! I found this really amusing.

Meikle Earnock6.jpg

Tom was explaining to me that the Cottages had been in his family for many years and that his mum Elisabeth was born in the cottage. The cottage was also owned by Elisabeth’s parents, her father was called Thomas Gardner who was a Road mender.

The family later moved across the road to Fairhill Cottage which is just as old as “The Cottage”. The old Cottage and it’s adjacent building was later used as a mechanics garage for many years.

Meikle Earnock7.jpg Meikle Earnock5.jpg

Meikle Earnock8 Meikle Earnock9

The old picture of the kids playing at the Meikle Earnock  water pump in 1901 is a real snapshot in time and I wanted to get a “Today” picture of the cottage, however when I looked at the adjacent buildings to the cottage  it really got me thinking that this little building is probably one of the last buildings in Hamilton that still looks the same now as it did over 100 years ago, this little building itself in my opinion should be preserved as most of Hamilton’s farm cottages and houses would have looked like this in the late 1800s.

Meikle Earnock4.jpg