Crichton’s shoes have been an established business in Hamilton since the store first opened in 1952 and it has been selling quality footwear ever since. The store over the past 65 years has saw off competition from the big named shops and is still a thriving business in the town.

Clifford CrightonWMMay Crichton was the person who opened the shop in 1952 and it has been kept in the family passing down to son & grandson. The family come from Cambuslang however most of their lives were spent in Hamilton. When May eventually retired, the business was passed down to her son Clifford Brain and he was already an established and well-known business man in Hamilton, he lived in the town with his wife Isabel and two sons Alistair & Gordon.


Crichton’s are integrated into the Hamilton community and they like to do their wee bit for people in the town and they have a tradition that not many people know about.

Mrs HoldenWM


The family have been serving Tea & Coffee to a group of men from the British Legion for over 25 years. This started off to be quite a gathering but, over time, the group sadly has gotten smaller. This has been important to the men who are still able to attend. They have a meeting on the Saturday before Armistice Day before they off for their Parade. Crichton’s have fully supported this, and it is a special day for the shop as well as for the men.

Alistair Brian WM2


One display at Crichton’s that many people will remember is the old rocking horse. The rocking horse was a significant part of the shop and many kids used to come in and have a play on it, sadly the shop’s owners have no surviving pictures, so if any of you can help us out, then let us know?

Crichtons WM.

Niki Donnelly, who works at Crichton’s has kindly sent in some old pictures of former staff members, you may see some old faces from the past.


So, are you looking for some new shoes? Why not come to Hamilton next week and come into the shop and have a wee look around!


The current owner is called Gordon and he is the grandson of May Crichton. This family business which has served Hamilton for the past 65 years has many repeat customers, and why? Well it’s because when you walk into the shop, you will get some good old-fashioned customer service that the big shops don’t have anymore.