The Burnbank Bolt Works 1931.

The Burnbank Bolt works 1931.


Burnbank Bolt Works..JPG

In the picture are girls from the Burnbank Bolt Factory. This picture was taken in 1931 and was sent to us by Paul McCarroll.

Paul told us: “My Granny is bottom row 3rd from left and her name was Martha Mccarroll (maiden name Strachan) and her sister Rose Cox (maiden name also Strachan) is first on the right bottom row with some girls arm around her.”

Paul, thank you for sending us this fantastic picture of a bygone era. Many people worked at the Burnbank Bolt Works. The factory holds many good memories for people and i know this because people speak about the Bolt Works all the time on Historic Hamilton.

Share your memories of the Bolt Works or even better, do you have an old picture from inside the Burnbank Bolt works? If you do, then send it to us and we will share it with everyone on Historic Hamilton.