Archie Hawkins & Mary Flynn 1929.

Capture Archie Hawkins & Mary Flynn.

Caroline Murray sent Historic Hamilton a picture of her Granny and Di which she believed was taken in 1929, and she asked if we could share it with everyone. As always, we are looking for your old family photos and stories to document and keep in our archives.

I wanted to do a wee bit more for Caroline, and I decided to look in to her family’s Ancestry to see what I could find.

Caroline’s Di was named Archie Hawkins, a coal miner from Blantyre and he was born on the 10th of June 1905 at the family home of 44 Calder Street. He was the son of Thomas Hawkins who was also a coal miner and Mary McNair. Archie’s Father Thomas, was an educated man because when his son was born he personally signed his name on the Birth Certificate. A lot of people at this time could not read or write and they signed things with a X.

Staying with the Hawkins family Archie’s parents, who would be Caroline’s Great Grandparents were married at Blantyre on the 30th of August 1901, and they lived in Blantyre the rest of their days. Sadly, Caroline’s Great Grandfather Thomas, died at the age of 35 on the 11th of August 1916, and the cause of his death was cancer of the stomach. Caroline’s great grandmother Mary McNair had at least three children with her great grandfather Thomas, and they were called Janet, Thomas and her Grandfather Archie.

As you can imagine these would have been tough times for Caroline’s Great Grandmother so she later re-married to a local man named James Glen who was also a Coal Miner. This man James Glen died in Blantyre in the year 1932 and he was 61 years old and she is left a widow once again.

Wallace Place in Blantyre..png

Caroline’s great Grandmother Mary McNair died at the age 71 on the 21st of November 1947, and she died at her house which was 9 Wallace Place in Blantyre.

When I looked at Caroline’s 2 x Great Grandparents – still staying on the Hawkins side of the family, they were called Robert Hawkins and Elizabeth Fortheringham and they were a family from Hamilton. They married on the 31st of December 1873, at the Hamilton Roman Catholic Chapel. Robert was a Carter and Elizabeth was a Farm Servant.
Caroline’s 3 x Great Grandparents were called Robert Hawkins & Grace Baillie who were born around the year 1855.

Going back to Caroline’s Di and Granny I found that they married on the 18th of July 1927, at the Roman Catholic chapel in Burnbank. After they were married they moved to 184 Glasgow Road, where they started their own family and soon after they had 8 children who were, Thomas, Patrick, Archie, Robert, Mary, Barbara, Elizabeth and Jenny.

Mary Flynn was a Burnbank girl who at the time was working as a Brick Worker. When they met, Archie was living at 16 Miller Street in Blantyre and Mary was living at 26 Bertram Street in Burnbank with her parents.

Hawkins Family Tree..JPG

I found that Caroline’s Great Grandparents were called Patrick Flynn and Mary Ann Connelly and Patrick was working as a Coal Miner and Mary was a domestic servant. Patrick was also a Blantyre man and his address when he married was 51 McAlpine’s Buildings and Mary Ann was living at 130 Glasgow Road.

Patrick and Mary Ann later lived in Burnbank, and their address was 36 Hill Street, and in 1965 Patrick was now working as a Haulage Motorman. Mary Ann died on the 12th of September 1965, at Cleland County Hospital.

On the Flynn side of the family Caroline’s 2 x Great Grandparents were called John and Mary Flynn, Mary’s surname was also the same as her maiden name, and John was working as a foundry Labourer. On the Connelly side of the family Caroline’s 2 x Great grandparents were John Connelly and Catherine Weaver. John was working as a Brick layer.

Flynn Family Tree.

I spoke to Caroline a bit further about her family and she was telling us that her Grandad’s nephew was called Tommy Hawkins, and Tommy had been the person who sculpted the depiction of Christ at Bothwell castle.

Caroline, I hope that I have given you a small insight in to your family History and thank you again for sharing your picture of your Grandparents.

Mary Hawkins death 1947.jpg

If any of our readers would like to share their old family photos then we would love to see them. Please send us your pictures and stories and we will share with all at Historic Hamilton.