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Hamiltonian’s, Past & Present.

We would like to hear your thoughts on Historic Hamilton. When you found our website, did it meet up to your expectations? Did you find what you were looking for?

Please take a minute or two to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Thank’s in advance.


26 thoughts on “Guest Book”

    1. Hi, found this page by chance.There was a „boy“ in my class at Beckford Street school called Kit DUDDY, is that you?I was born in 1947 in Hamilton and have been away from there since 1973. Would be interesting to hear if you are this same guy! Went to St John‘s Grammar after primary

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      1. Hi Linda,

        I never attended Beckford St
        I went to Glenlee School then to St Johns. Until 1961.

        However, it is unlikely that there were ever two Kit Duddys
        anywhere, I have never came across a second one in 73 yrs. I was born in 1946.

        I am sorry to say I am not sure
        I have any memories of the name Linda Hastie.

        We lived in Hill street/ Laighstonehall.

        Kit Duddy

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  1. I love reading about Hamilton. I lived in Burnbank for a few years my Eldest daughter was born in Bellshill in the 70’s. The shopping Centre in Hamilton used to be great I loved it. Such a shame it’s all changed.

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  2. Hi Garry, don’t know how I got here, but I have to say I’m really enjoying going through all the archives, such a lot of hard work has gone into this, can’t thank you enough 😀

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  3. Hi Garry this is a great site for historical details about Hamilton. Thanks to all contributors. I was born at my Aunts house in 65 Mill Road in 1944 and pass the house regularly. It still looks much as I remember it and have many memories of my years in Hamilton.

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  4. I am so happy to have found this site. My grandmother was born in Hamilton in 1909. The copy of her birth certificate lists Eddlewood Rows as the address of her parents Peter and Mary McKinlay. I have no idea if relatives are still in Hamilton, but I am very interested in learning more and hope someday to visit.

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  5. Hi Garry. I would like to send you a few photos of myself and a couple of old friends from my time at Philip’s lighting. I am not on Facebook. Can I send you the photos via email.

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  6. Hi Garry, I am putting the story of my gt grandfather into a PowerPoint format for family and relatives and came across your site. It is fascinating. Clearly a labor of love.

    My gt gfather came to Hamilton as a boy from Ireland in the wake of the potato famine around 1850 as a 10-year-old. The family lived on Muir Street. He would have gone to church (possibly episcopal) and school thereabouts and then become a coach smith. I wonder if you can advise where I might learn about churches, schools, about coach building, and generally about Hamilton in the 1850s?

    Michael Breen

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