How Historic Hamilton Started.

From our archives (2016).

Five years ago today, the Hamilton Advertiser covered the story of Historic Hamilton. It was my 1 year anniversary of setting up the Facebook page & website and to celebrate, I put together a small video to showcase all of the fantastic pictures that you all had sent in over the first 12 months.

Back then, when the Advertiser asked to write my story, for me it was a proud moment as I had always backed the Hamilton Advertiser and I loved the fact that our town had its very open newspaper based in Hamilton that brought us all the local weekly news of the area.

Since then Historic Hamilton has brought to you hundreds of of old forgotten Hamilton stories. All of the things that I write about tells you about Hamilton’s past, good & bad! I have researched many people’s family history and reunited people who lost touch many years ago. I have told you about old Hamilton Buildings long gone and today we have readers from all over the world who frequently come to my Website & Facebook page.

For those who never managed to read the story, the Advertiser hosted it on their parent company, the Daily Record website (Link Below). Perhaps it’s time to make another short video and share the memories that Historic Hamilton has brought you all over the past six years. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Facebook page over the last six years and to all who have sent me their old pictures. I have a long term plan to run the website and everything that is sent to me is hosted for future generations to see.



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