Lost Streets of Hamilton – St. John’s Lane.

St. John's Lane 1890.

Rhona Johnstone got in contact with me and asked:
“Hi Garry, Hi, I am doing my family tree and my Gt Gt grandfather’s address on his marriage certificate is No 6 St John’s lane, Hamilton. Can you tell me where this is or was please? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Rhona”.

St. John's Lane & James Street.

Rhona, St. John’s Lane & James Street were two streets situated behind Duke Street. They were demolished after the 1940’s, although I can’t give you an exact year. St. John’s Lane consisted of tenements, workshops & garages.

The site of the Duke Street car park now occupies the space that St. John’s Lane once stood & Wyler Tower is where James Street was.
Good luck with your family research and remember to let me know if you uncover a forgotten family story.

Can i also ask the name of your family that you are researching and i will see if i can uncover anything for you?


3 thoughts on “Lost Streets of Hamilton – St. John’s Lane.”

  1. I lived at number 10 St Johns Lane Hamilton in the late forty’s and early fifty’s And there used to be a Cally yard as we called it at the bottom of the road situated between the railway and the street, St John’s Lane, where horses and carts were kept. When you came up the lane from Duke Street you were met with a gas street light which came on at night. I can remember watching bats flying around it. not for the faint hearted! We lived in the first building in the bottom left flat. No electricity at that time only a gas light and open fire, the electricity came later! then my parents got the larger flat upstairs. The stairs were outside and the single toilet was under the stairs, for all in the building to use three family’s at the time. I used to walk from their to my Primary School in Bent Road, and I sometimes cut go through the Central Railway Station and over the bridge which came out at the ticket office in Kemp Street. Happy Days I remember them well. Bill

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  2. In 1942 July I was evacuated to Hamilton and lived at number 6 St John Lane with widower Mr James Morrison a retired coal miner
    My mother Freda White cooked and kept the flat tidy for Mr Morrison
    A neighbour was Sandy McCurdy

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