Hamilton Volunteer Firefighters, WW2.

Hamilton Volounteer fire fighters-Gillian Brown.

Gillian Brown sent us this picture of the Hamilton Volunteer Firefighters taken during WW2. Gillian told us:

“This is a picture of my grandfather Frank Riddell, middle front row, as a volunteer firefighter during WWII.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the volunteer firefighters, but my grandfather had a sweetie shop, Riddell’s, on Townhead Street after the war which has been pictured before on your site”.

Do you recognise any of the men & women in this picture? If you do, then please get in touch.

One thought on “Hamilton Volunteer Firefighters, WW2.”

  1. Dear Gillian,

    I’ve just read your article about your grandfather Frank Riddell and the WW2 photo of him and the Hamilton Volunteer Fire fighters. I was at the Hamilton Bent Road Primary school with a Frank Riddell in my class up to the 11 plus exams in those days (1954-55?). Frank’s parents (your grand father?) and his younger brother lived up at the top of Alness St. in Eliot Crescent and his father ran a large mobile shop – grocer, butcher, baker etc. on four wheels and travelled around the Hamilton area to sell his products. Frank went on to Hamilton Academy and I think later to Glasgow University so perhaps you can let me know if you are related to my Frank Riddell school friend from my time in Hamilton? I got on very well with Frank and his younger brother when I lived in Bent Rd. in Hamilton from 1952-66. My father was James A. Whyte the Hamilton Burgh Surveyor from 1952-68. I lived in London from 1966-1980 and am now in Munich with my German wife.

    Best regards from Munich,

    Jim Whyte (in those days I was Jimmy Whyte)


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