Pats icecream van picture from Billy Berekis


In this picture we have L-R, Andy Anderson, Morris Anderson and Billy Berekis.

The man in the Ice Cream van is called Pat and from what i have heard is very well liked. David Cairns wrote on the Meikle Earnock Facebook page ” That he’d sometimes get oot the van and play Fitba with us and throw out a big bag of sweeties as he took off in the van. Just a good man”.

What are your memories of Pat’s Ice cream van?

One thought on “PAT’S ICE CREAM VAN.”

  1. Brilliant! I also remember the big fish&chip van that came round in the winter tae Eddlewood scheme. It announced itself with the hand ringing of a substantial bell. Somehow the fish supper tasted better in the cold.

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