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  1. I worked in Philips lighting from the age of 18 for about 12 years. Served my time as a mechanical fitter in M building. Started my time in approximately 1985. The photograph above shows an early “A group mounting Mill”. A machine a good friend of mine at the time,” Harvey Scott” ended up specialising in the repair and overhaul of. My grandfather Jimmy Irwin used to work in the Plant side of things when the factory also had premises on the other side of the road. That was long before my time though. My uncle, also Jim Irwin worked in L building as a mechanical fitter. Again, before my time. Sad to hear of its demise. Made many friends in my time there but sadly have lost touch with everyone. The images I see are courtesy of Harry Govers. Remember him well form working in the maintenance stores. My email is derek.irwin42@gmail if anyone of that era reads this, remembers me and wants to get in touch.


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