Can you help identify “Mrs Nicholson” and “Mrs Black”?


Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Black, Courtesy of Miss MTL Watson.PNG

HI Folks, We’re looking for some help to identify the street in this picture. Donald Cochrane sent us this picture and told us:

“These two photos taken in Hamilton on the 10th October 1957 are of “Mrs Nicholson” and “Mrs Black” I see the house number is 144. Can anyone identify what street this is and perhaps even know of these people? The image may show three generations. One lady was apparently “a sister of Mr Kirkness” but that’s all I know. Photo credit Miss MTL Watson”

Donald, after i put out the post on my Facebook page, the house was identified as 144 Strathaven Road and when i did some comparisons with Google Maps, I then confirmed that this was indeed 144 Strathaven Road, i did a quick search on the valuation rolls and found no surnames that matched with the house. The closest that i could get to this date was on the 1940 Valuation Roll where i found a Mrs Brown living here. I then looked at deaths in Hamilton between 1957 & 1980 and a few leads popped up. Unfortunately 1957 is a hard date to research and I will have to rely on my readers to help me narrow down the search, could you tell me the first name of the elderly lady on the left?

If any of our readers recognise the ladies in the picture, then please get in touch.

7 thoughts on “Can you help identify “Mrs Nicholson” and “Mrs Black”?”

  1. The lady on the right is Jemima Eliza Inkster Kirkness b. 7 Mar 1884 Orkney.
    She married Walter Milne Nicolson.

    The lady on the right is Jemima’s only child Margaret Janette Nicolson b. 20 Mar 1920 Orkney.
    She married Hugh Black.

    The child is Margaret’s daughter Irene b. 1954.

    Jemima’s parents were James Craigie Kirkness b. 15 Jan 1843 Orkney and Margaret Inkster b. 1845 Orkney.

    Jemima’s siblings were –
    Janet Gibson Kirkness b. 8 Apr 1865 Orkney
    James Craigie Kirkness b. 7 Feb 1869 Orkney
    William Mackay Kirkness b. 23 oct 1872 Orkney
    David Gillespie Kirkness b. 13 Jan 1878 Orkney
    Maggie Ann Inkster Kirkness b. 26 Sep 1881 Orkney
    John Craigie Kirkness b. 18 Sep 1886 Orkney

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    1. Hi Gordon, thanks so much for this information. Can I ask how you know this, are you a relation?

      Would you also be able to tell my what the Hamilton connection is? How did they endure up down here?

      Can you also tell us any other relevant info on the family?


      1. Hello Gary,
        The three persons in the photo are my sister, mother and grandmother.
        The Black family left Orkney in the early 50’s to Hamilton where my father eventually set up as a building contractor: no particular ‘Hamilton’ connection.
        I have loads more relevant info, let me know your interest in the photo.
        Regards, Gordon.

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  2. Hello again Garry,
    Sorry for spelling your name wrongly before. My joker son Stuart (above) sent me this page. All I know is that someone called Donald Cochrane and then someone called Garry was very interested in a photo esp. the “first name” of the “sister of Mr Kirkness”: I answered the questions in a reply box.
    I would not give any detailed information until I know who Donald Cochrane and Garry is.
    I am now told that you organise some kind of website so can you put me in touch with Donald Cochrane so I know what he wants?
    I don’t do any of this social media stuff but I have got the hang of emails.
    Regards, Gordon.

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    1. Hi Gordon, I’m Garry and I run the Historic Hamilton website & Facebook page. I will certainly pass on your details.

      If you can go to my Facebook page Historic Hamilton, you can interact with the group members.


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