Chapel Street c1900

Chapel Street c1900's..PNG

Above, is a fantastic early picture of Chapel Street in Hamilton. in the picture are a group of men standing together having a bleather. To the right are some shops and what may be one of the two Public Houses, which were situated on each end of the street.

During the turn of the century, Chapel Street like Quarry Street was a busy street which had Public Houses, billiard rooms, work shops, grocer shops & bakery’s. It even had a brass foundry and not to mention the tenements where people lived.

It was finally demolished and the Gateway shopping centre was built and still stands today.

Picture courtesy of Wullie Blake.

One thought on “Chapel Street c1900”

  1. Remember Chapel street in the mid 59’s then there were still some shops, a dry cleaners on the corner and a wool shop/ baby linen shop think it was called the Bee Hive. All gone now.

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