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It’s freezing today!

In 2018 we are so lucky to have our very own appliances like washing machines etc. Can you imagine a time when disposable nappies were not yet invented?

Terry toweling nappies, bed sheets and clothes had to be washed daily and the Hamilton housewife who did not have modern day technology would have had to go outside and get to work doing the washing even in these cold conditions.

Tom Hewitt sent us these pictures of the old wash houses at Lorne Street, Tom told us:

“These are photos of the old wash or laundry buildings. Located behind the old tenement houses on Lorne St. These were taken in April 1971.

The tenements were torn down shortly thereafter. My family lived at 34 Lorne Street and my mother’s parents lived just up a few houses. My parents were Thomas Hewitt and Anne Donaldson Hewitt.

My Grandparents were Margaret Caird Donaldson and Alexander Donaldson. My aunt Helen Donaldson Wilson moved back to Lorne St in the sheltered housing. My family moved to America in October 1951. I was stationed in Italy with the US Army so my wife two children went for a visit in April 1951.”

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Tom, I have a question for you? I found this newspaper article which was printed in the Dundee Courier on the 10th of October 1951. It seems to be relating to your family, perhaps you could shed some light on what this advert was about?

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The tenements in Lorne Street were demolished at some point after 1971 and this made way for the sheltered housing complex. Did you or any of your family live at the Lorne Street tenements? Let us know, or even better share your pictures.

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