The Hamilton Mausoleum.

Hi folks, I have uploaded a recording of today’s visit to the Mausoleum. In this short video you will see inside the chapel and a walk around and the building I think that some of our overseas visitors will like this. It’s sad to think that we nearly lost this fantastic monument.

When were you last at the Mausoleum?

One thought on “The Hamilton Mausoleum.”

  1. As a boy, I spent many a day cycling about the Mausoleum and Strathclyde Park way before the days of Asda, retail parks and gyms – I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers the vast open area of football pitches and Ash car parks.
    This was a time when the Mausoleum, and to some extent, the caretakers house next door, could actually be seen from the motorway. Sadly, due to the extensive tree growth, virtually nothing can be seen of this magnificent building from the motorway unless you really look. Probably the only people who look are the people like you and I who already know it’s there.
    In my opinion, whatever council department is in charge of this area should be tasked with clearing this wooded area away to allow this spectacular building to be displayed to the public once more. All of us that are visiting this website already know that Hamilton Town has an fascinating history, and promoting what’s left of that history can only be a good thing for the town.
    Anyone else any thoughts about this?

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