Beckford Street Prefabs 1946.

The new consignment of Prefabricated house started to arrive in Hamilton in 1946. In March 1946 Beckford Street was a very busy place when people of all ages were flocking to Beckford Street to see the new prefabs which were erected.

There was a consignment of 18 Houses built on the site and the first tenants were to move in April 1946. All the Tarran Type Houses were built with the walls constructed of concrete slabs bolted together at the back.

Each block was a house in its self with front and back doors and the houses consisted of a Livingroom, two bedrooms, kitchenette, bathroom, wc and a lobby. The prefabs only had one fire to heat the whole house and the bedrooms were fitted with plug sockets so that an electric fire could be plugged in.
Hot air from the fire in the living rooms was passed through channels near the ceiling to each of the bedrooms. The hot water in the prefabs was transported from an electric boiler in the kitchenette.

In 1946 the kitchen equipment was at the time installed with the most modern cupboards with hooks, shelves or racks. A coal bunker was also provided and it was situated at the back door and they also came with sheds for storing prams, cycles and garden tools.

In 1946 Prefabricated Houses were being turned out at the rate of 50 per week at the factory of Messrs Tarran, Ltd, at Mossend. Some months later a new machine was installed at the Mossend plant and they would increase their output to 100 Prefabs per week.

The Beckford Street Prefabs paved the way for these types of Houses to be built in Hamilton. They proved to be very popular with people who were wanting a change from their old tenements with shared toilets.

After the Beckford Street prefabs were built, Hamilton received altogether another 54 Tarran type Prefabs. The prefabs were later constructed at May Street, Cadzow Square and Glebe Street.

With this proving popular Aluminium Houses were also Built at throughout Hamilton which consisted of 12 at Holyrood Street; 10 at Rose Crescent; 11 at Mill Road; and 10 at Donaldson Street & George Street.

Did you live in a Hamilton Prefab, or do you have a picture of one? If you do, then Let us know.

One thought on “BECKFORD STREET PREFABS 1946.”

  1. I lived in a prefab home in the early 1960’s in Hamilton, Lanarkshire Scotland. It was a laneway walk down two row of houses on either side, and we lived at the house at the end of the Lane. We were within walking distance of two primary schools, RC & Prot. as I remember walking to school. I was very little. My great-grandparents, William Kelly 1877-1944 & Margaret (Garriety) 1879-1959 lived on Beckford Street. 137/167? perhaps. My paternal Grandparents, John Downs & Mary Nugent ran a Greengrocer shop in ??. My parents are Joseph E. Downes 1937 & Margaret McGowan 1938-1997 and they immigrated to Canada in 1966. My parents were married in Hamilton and the reception was held at the Royal Hotel, circa 1957. My maternal Grandfather, James (Jimmy) McGowan died in a freak accident at the Railway Yard, 3 Nov. 1960. He was run over by a railway car that he has just sent off to its destination – his job was called a runner I believe. I know almost nothing about his family, he was raised by an older sister, and was estranged from the rest of his siblings. I presume his parents died when he was young. No one left to ask. Would love to know more about any of my ancestors. If any of these names are known to you, please contact me. Thank you.

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