Jimmy Hamilton

Jimmy Hamilton needs no introduction on here and people have many fond memories of him. He was very much a part of Hamilton and he was fully integrated into our community.
There is not much that I can tell you about him that you don’t already know, but I will tell you what I do know and hopefully I can keep his memory alive.
Jimmy Hamilton had a few nicknames, the better-known one was ‘Steak Pie’ Jimmy and the other ones were safety pin & Castor Oil, the latter name which he absolutely hated.
He was known as Steak Pie Jimmy because of the many funerals which he attended in Hamilton, people said that he only attended funerals because he enjoyed the food at them, but this was not the case! In fact, Jimmy was a real “People Person” and he loved nothing more than to go out in the town and socialise with people and there was no better place to mingle with old friends and acquaintances, but a funeral.
He was such a character, that he even brought his own knife and fork, which he carried in his coat pocket. He was also invited to weddings and parties because he was such good fun to be around.
It wasn’t uncommon for people from opposite ends of Hamilton to say I bumped into wee Jimmy the day! Jimmy seemed to be everywhere on a daily basis and sometimes he could have been reported sitting drinking tea at lots of cafes in the town within hours of each other.
He often went to the Salvation Army and he came to many cafes in Hamilton, where he would put his hand in his pocket and pull out a hand full of coppers to pay for his fags and tea, however, Jimmy’s coppers were often refused, and he was given his tea and fags for free.
When he left the cafes, he would go to the Corals the Bookies to have a blether with the staff and when he had been out and about he loved a game of Dominos at the pubs, he couldn’t read or understand the numbers, but he loved the company. In Jimmy’s world, he was descended from the Dukes of Hamilton, but he was the Black sheep of the family and the Duke never spoke to him.
He was loved by many people in the town and nowadays I can’t think of anyone who comes close to this Hamilton character. So, let’s keep wee Steak Pie Jimmy’s memory alive and tell us your stories of Jimmy Hamilton.

5 thoughts on “JIMMY HAMILT0N.”

  1. When Jim Tait the “Bookies Club” which back on to the Police Station in Hamilton he was always in the club on a Sunday lunch time at Jim Taits request even though he didn’t drink, god bless him what a character . P.S. i may be wrong on the dates slightly roughly 68/ 73

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  2. Like Tommy Ward, Jimmy was a Hamilton institution. If he wasn’t at your wedding it could be annulled, if he wasn’t at your funeral you wurnie deid! I remember he always had a cigar?

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  3. Jimmy often frequented the fish shop of my father Joe Currie in Gateside Street. A Saturday night just as the shop was about to close knowing there would be usually some fish left over that usually was destined for the bin as little was left over the weekend a new delivery of fish coming from Aberdeen Monday morning. Jimmy loved Arbroath Smokies which he would pick up gratis !!!
    Gavin Currie

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  4. I fully remember Jimmy. You could bump into him anywhere. Over the years I would see him at the door of the pictures, meet him in shops at low waters, and see him I Hamilton Town centre. When I was at secondary school, he would tell me he used to take me for walks in my pram. Daft as it seems, I used to believe him. A true Hamilton legend, and very much missed.

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