Townhead Street 1997.

Odeon WM1

In this picture, we have Townhead Street and the old Oden cinema and former Park Lane night club. The picture was taken in 1997 and was sent to us by Lucy Mackinnon. If you have an old picture that you would like to share with us, then please send it straight to the page or by Private Message.

10 thoughts on “Townhead Street 1997.”

  1. Brought fantastic memories back from park lane nightclub. Ruth McLean was club manager. Barbara Kelly from Blantyre was bar manager. I myself worked as one of the Bouncers on the night club for many years met fantastic people through out the whole of the district. To this day presently still stay in Hamilton. Andrew Cunningham my name is known to all in night club seen in Hamilton as ( Socky). Townhead Street was fantastic in late 90s…. Pinkies bar ( Hamilton Town Hotel) was one of the best bars I ever worked in doing security like Park Lane….. Those were the days….. Fab…

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      1. Garry from the 10yrs working in park lane also Pinkies pub ( Blazers) there after on mostly all doormen. Bar staff etc I have tremendous memories of them all….. All the Stelloia artoia sponsor beauty competitions in park lane for entrance winners to go on and compete in Miss Scotland competition……. Townhead Street was thriving very busy and an absolute fantastic atmosphere at that time. Regards. SOCK


      2. Mayfield Road mate family home number 36…..My brother Robert stayed next door to Jim Mccardle 4 in n block upstairs now Waverly crec 2 doors up from mushett family home


      3. I’m the youngest out 4 brothers…. David. Robert. Jim. Then me. A trained with wullie boyd in Fairhill civic for over 17 yr…. My Bro Robert trained in ogilvie school… Blantyre sports centre now water Palace

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      4. What’s your full name…. Nickname? A remember wee Andy Robertson whom a worked with in lightbodys for 18yr till I’ve moved on…. Also The gowdie family home know wullie very well…. Also top of livy brae my old school mate John Barr….. Now taxi driver

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