Ur we there yit,,,



Ur we there yit,,,
The poem below was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.
Ur we there yit,,,
Well the days the day fur oor wee ‘mystery tour’ n’ here it comes, wur big bus,,
There it is, bit how that big green “Chieftain” gote here, thats a mystery tae us,
Wee awe shouted “where wae gawn driver” n’ he said the “seaside dis it matter”
Tell yir maw the bus over heated comin up the hill, n’ a need a bucket o’ watter,,
Ave done ma wee checklist, n’ it’s awe there ma trunks, towel, n’ buckit n’ spade,
Ma wee haversack tae go oan ma back, full of pop’ n’ peeces ma mammy made,,
Ur we there yit, whit time is it? Where ur wee gawn, bit the driver jist widnae say,,
Then he stopped n’ said “watch this look” n’ the bus went backwards up the brae,,
It’s Ayr, it’s Ayr, wur nearly there, we kin see the sea,, the driver said naw, sit doon,
Wur here, wur here, aye bit, where ur wae? “Yir in a lovely wee place cawed Troon”
We pulled up right it the seafront, thirs no many people, n’ the toon wis awfy quiet,,
The guy said git tae the beach, thirs hunners tae come, n’ git a spot afore the riot,,
Ma maw gote us settled in a nice wee bit, near the steps n’right up against the wa’
Right noo settle in, come n’ hiv a wee drink, ok,”taps aff” n’ ye kin hiv yir beach’ baw,
Playin’ fitbaw’ muckin’aboot, sand in ma toes, in ma hair, n’ comin oot ma ears,,
That day it the seaside wae ma maw n’ ma pals his stuck wae me awe these years,,,
A wee walk roon the toon, then a look roon the fair, awe sunburnt, if ye’d seen is
A pokey hat, a stick o’ rock, a wee glass of orange, n’ a fish tea shared atween is,
Back tae the bus, this time thirs nae fuss, cause the excitement it wisnae the same,
Awe a kin remember is ma maw sayin “wake up son”, yiv slept awe the wae hame,,,
( the best sleep ever,,

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