Stepek Poem.

The poem below was written for Historic Hamilton
by Kit Duddy.

Jan Stepek , 
Jan Stepek the man wi Tv’s you could buy them for cash have them on Tic, when your mates maw had colour it fair made ye sick.

They started oot wee, mibies a 6 inch screen, the folk on the tele could have been pixies and green. They aw had funny voices like bools in their mooths, great big smiles and white white tooths.

Jan Stepek, Jan Stepek wi a shoap up the street every wan knew him,
an the stock he could keep. He had Grundig an Bush an radio rental when you couldn’t get Caroline it sent you mental.

The shops and memories are all long gone but with Historic Hamilton Garry will make yours go on. So here’s to more memories please write down them all, and send them to Garry and we can all have a ball.

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